“I am now lifting more than ever and have a lot more confidence under the bar…”
Mel Culpitt, Crossfit Competitor


I have always been a competitive athlete, from swimming to cycling and now Crossfit. The day I injured my back, I was riding my bike to work and got hit from behind by a car. I was in a constant state of pain, struggled to walk or sit pain free, and was dosed up each night on pain killers to sleep, I saw several different physios around Canberra, looking for the quick fix, and no fix was found.

I went to get an MRI with the result being two bulging discs and a case of sciatica.

After two surgeons recommending surgery as my best option, Al said to give him six months to help me become pain free.

When I first started with Al I could not lie on my stomach and press my own body weight up without immense pain. I am now lifting more than ever and have a lot more confidence under the bar, he has not only helped me with my back pain, but also issues I have had with my shoulder and helped me to achieve a top 100 ranking in Australia in the recent Crossfit Games.

Al is an incredibly knowledgeable individual, his knowledge and understanding of athletes is far beyond elite. Training with Al has been tremendous. I really appreciate the work he has put into helping me be a stronger, fitter and faster athlete.

The result was a men’s open WPC World Record of 343kg Deadlift in the 110kg division...
Billy Giampaolo, World Record Holder

After holding numerous Australian power lifting titles and records, I wanted to step it up to the big league and try for a world record.

I searched around for coaches that I thought could get me there, and after much time and research I came back to Alan Romero. He had been at Westside Barbell in the USA for a period of time, lived in Russia and trained under coaches in Powerlifting and Olympic lifting.

He has also tested and learned ways to improve athletic performance, which I had seen him put into play. Alan showed me how aspects of my lifting were severely lacking and went about correcting them with surgeon like precision.

The result was a men’s open WPC World Record of 343kg Deadlift in the 110kg division.

My advice to anyone is, if you want to take it to the next level, and do what you thought was never possible … Alan Romero is your man!

I can honestly say its the best investment I could have ever made...
Kelly Schippers

When I first started I had a goal to lose 10kg and tone up. I had my first session with Alan Romero, and after one training session I knew I had been doing it all wrong. Alan taught me the importance of weight training in order to get the ‘toned’ body I kept talking about.

His knowledge and insight inspired me to learn about WHY we do particular movements and exercises. He also taught me to put purpose and goal setting into my training regime rather than just doing an exercise for no reason. I train with Alan weekly for one hour and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I could have ever made.

It is so great to see that Alan honestly cares about my results, thank you for helping me achieve my goal and for keeping me on track and teaching me so much.

I have seen first hand that he makes an obvious impact to player's performance and strength...
Darren Bruce, Founder EMB Strategies

Alan is one of the most knowledgeable coaches I have ever met, the fact that he specialises in a variety of areas including rehab and strength means he can create a unique program to cater to those who have any difficulties with particular movements or muscle groups. He is passionate about seeing his clients get results and becoming stronger.

His eye for technique is second to none. Since working with Alan and witnessing his contributions to elite sports organisations, I have seen first hand that he makes an obvious impact to player’s performance and strength.

His extensive experience both in Australia and internationally has given him the opportunity to learn from the best of the best, making him a leader in athletic development, and strength coaching.

“Al isolated the cause of my problem and corrected it to the point that I was no longer in pain in less than THREE WEEKS...
Nem Jovanovic

I started back in the gym specifically to fix a couple of problems. One of those was my lower back: bad hip and lower back pain that prevented me from squatting, deadlifting, cycling, sitting, standing… you name it – I couldn’t do anything properly.

At that point I had already spent a year and a half (and a lot of money) bouncing between two different physios, a GP, a rehabilitation specialist and another PT – all with absolutely no outcome to show for.

To cut a long story short, Al isolated the cause of my problem and corrected it to the point that I was no longer in pain in less than THREE WEEKS.

After getting stronger than I ever have been before, I then started throwing many curve balls at Al (absenteeism from the gym due to work demands or illness or kids) which have meant my progress has been 1 step forward 2 steps back at times, but he keeps reassessing, reformulating and getting me back on track again and again.

If your goals have anything to do with getting stronger, faster, better or rehabilitated following injury – there’s no one better out there than Al.

“My only regret was not engaging Alan earlier in my competition preparation...
Andrew Kondakis, INBA (drug free) Bodybuilder

After many years of body building training I turned to Alan in order to advance my results.

Alan opened my eyes to new training styles and methods which provided great results. I sought Alan’s assistance prior to competing in the 2013 Men’s Open Class of the ACT State Bodybuilding Titles.

Alan uses a range of varied and interesting training techniques which have resulted in me breaking through plateaus, taking my physique to the next level and ultimately achieving my highest placing to date.

My only regret was not engaging Alan earlier in my competition preparation.

I highly recommend Alan to anyone interested in achieving life changing results, his diverse range of knowledge and skills are suitable for beginners all the way through to advanced trainers.

“It has provided the foundation upon which I have radically changed my body, health and life...
Hannah Wellman

Effective personal training is much more than cuing a set of exercises correctly.
It’s about client connection, intuition, communication and the development of trust. 
Alan Romero has mastered these qualities with humility and charm, while demonstrating an extraordinary knowledge of strength and conditioning principals. Our weekly sessions are never monotonous or repetitive and Alan constantly raises the bar to facilitate measured improvement and get results.

During our sessions we have utilised weight training, circuits and sprint training to achieve my goals, while concurrently working on postural improvement.
I have several long-term injuries and Alan has navigated these with careful consideration, adapting our training sessions accordingly.

I have been training with Alan for just over 6 months, and as cliché as it sounds it has provided the foundation upon which I have radically changed my body, health and life.

When I’m exhausted in a session and say “I can’t do another rep’”, he says
“two more”.

I have taken this philosophy into every part of my life and stopped wishing for change and worked for it. The day I signed up for personal training with Alan Romero I was told how lucky I was. I couldn’t agree more.

“Now I have a lot more mobility in my shoulder, pain has decreased by at least 80%...
Tina Hayes

When I started with Alan in April 2014 I had a bulged disc, a calcified shoulder tear, orthotics and tipped had 80kg. I was a size 16/18. I had limited mobility with my shoulder and was always in pain.

Now I have a lot more mobility in my shoulder, pain has decreased by at least  80%. I no longer need my orthotics. I have lost 15kgs and I no longer have the disc issues.


There have been ups and downs with my health due to injuries and broken bones gained outside the gym. It was really frustrating coming so far then falling back and starting again. 

As a wife, mum, student, and working, its been difficult making the gym a priority and learning to put my needs first. I once remember arguing with Alan about deadlifting 30 pounds, I recently deadlifted 220 pounds (100kgs) 


I am doing things and have goals I never thought I would be able to achieve.
I have been able to prove to myself that I can achieve my goals when I put the work in.

“Has helped achieve results that I didn't think I was
capable of

Ben Alexander, Brumbies/Wallabies Prop

Al is an incredibly motivated, intelligent, and hardworking individual. I’ve been working closely with Al in his new facility for the past 6 weeks, and in that time, he has not only cured a vast majority of my aches and pains, he has also opened my eyes to my body’s true potential.

Al’s detailed understanding of how the human body should function, allows him to identify and correct any poor lifting technique and strength imbalances. 
This not only helps prevent injury, but also has helped achieve results that I didn’t think I was capable of.

Exciting times ahead as the training smarter, not harder philosophy pays off.

“What really sets Alan apart is his personal investment in your success...
Fab Rooke, INBA (drug free) Bodybuilder

Alan's accomplishments and qualifications speak for themselves. He has excelled in his own athletic goals, often against all odds. He has sought to learn from the best in world, methodically building up his expertise for years.

What really sets Alan apart is his personal investment in your success.

I've noticed he almost always knows the solution to your dysfunction or goal but in the rare challenging times when it's extremely elusive, he will not quit on you.

Yes, he will not give up on you until you succeed, in fact Alan will literally lose sleep until you succeed.

After seeking the help of almost every type of specialist ending with "ologist" and still getting no solution, my goals seemed completely out of reach.

Without the help Alan I would have never achieved my dream of competing and more importantly, being able to train and live pain free.

Thank you Alan, your help has been truly invaluable.

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