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Meet the interns: Julien Lau

Anyone who loves cheat meals and squats is OK with us. Since Julien has joined the Romero Athletics, we've grown to love his humility, hunger for knowledge and willingness to help out the crew. We think it's high time you got to know him too.

Julien, tell us about your interests.

Performance training, swimming, reading and cheat meals.

Why did you apply to intern at Romero Athletics?

I was passionate to learn and achieve a higher standard of performance training

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

The understanding of quality movements, approaches to tackle injuries and also to improve my overall mentality.

What’s your history with sports and training?

I've been involved in soccer and martial arts for a long time. I currently have a 1st Dan Black

Belt in Taekwondo and 2 years of experience in Muay Thai

What are your favourite exercises?


Favourite athlete?

Tom Scharwtz/ Amir Naseri

Hit us with your goals - in training and in life.

My current training goal would be to squat 2.5× bodyweight, bench 120kg and deadlift 220kg. In life, I want to influence and challenge the average meathead mentality while remaining a life-long student in performance development

What have you learned so far from interning at Romero Athletics?

Everyone have been breathing incorrectly!

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