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Meet the interns: Chris Bowler

Chris is one of our most recent interns and a very welcome addition to the facility. Get to know Chris, including how he's finding the intern program.

Why did you apply to intern at Romero Athletics?

Several people recommended it as a training facility that takes pride in constant attention to detail for all athletes’ whatever stage of progress they are in, a place where they are happy to share knowledge for the betterment of others and somewhere that looks and thinks outside the square for best in class knowledge and skills.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

The ability to diagnose and coach technical corrections for people that includes a knowledge base of strength/weight-based skills that I can share with others to provide people the ability to exercise long term with minimal injury risk.

To also learn and be exposed to different and challenging ways of thinking.

What’s your history with sports and training?

I played rep level competitive rugby union from ages 17-21 and then completely stopped physical exercise, gaining more than 36kgs. On February 15th, 2008 I began a journey to lose weight by simply walking at first and then running. This took me on a journey through countless half marathons, multiple marathons, an ultra-marathon, and a professional MMA fight. Along the way I have taught group fitness classes and coached three seasons of the Wimp2Warrior program in Canberra. I have never had much in the way of exposure to technical free weight or strength programs, weight-based work has always been done to supplement existing training programs and focused around body weight exercises.

What about your training now – what are your favourite exercises?

At this point due to work and associated travel, uni and single parenting, I am managing 3-4 45 minute medium- to high-intensity runs per week and one conditioning session. I am missing strength work in both a mental and physical capacity.

Exercises I love: Tyre flips, burpees, front squat and anything with a sled.

I would like to improve the deadlift, squat and hip ROM.

Favourite athlete?

Mike McCastle, Courtney Dauwalter, Killian Jornet, and Connor MacGregor

Hit us with your goals – in training and in life.

Finish uni degree

Raise well adjusted happy (successful in their own eyes) children.

Finish a 100km ultra marathon.

Dead lift my 2X BW with correct technique

Squat my 1.5X BW with correct technique

Bench my BW with correct technique

Shoulder press with quality technique

Increased hip flexibility and ROM

What have you learned so far from interning at Romero Athletics?

So many things. From how important and technical a skill breathing is, the importance of our feet and the impact they can have on just about everything we do related to human movement.

Articulate verbalization of cues for different learning styles.

Observing learning to lift has been brilliant to begin understanding how to set up the correct posture and patterns for someone new to weight based strength work.

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