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Meet the interns: Lucy Davidson

Since she's stepped in the gym, Lucy has proved herself to be an invaluable member of the team through her enthusiasm for learning, commitment to her own training and the positive energy that she brings. Now that's she's basically a part of the furniture at Romero Athletics, we thought it was high time that we introduced her properly to our community.

So Lucy, tell us about your interests.

Bikes, adventures, adventures on bikes and trying new things. All-round health (physical, mental, exercise, nutrition); people - the way we individually function and think; training for all round athleticism, strength training, strongman training; women’s recovery and training after pregnancy and child birth; teaching teenagers (and everyone) how to lift safely; and fundamental movements for kids.

Why did you apply to intern at Romero Athletics?

To learn from the best in the business. After coming to Alan initially for help getting over an injury and then training for only a short period of time at Romero Athletics using Al's lifting techniques and program - my body has never felt so balanced, so strong and so good. I was a personal trainer 10 years ago and Romero Athletics has inspired me to get back into the industry. I wanted to know even more behind the Romero Athletics philosophy, techniques and programming so that I can make a difference to other people by training them this way.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

A job :-) or at least a good reference. I hope to stay in touch with Al, Adem and the athletes, and continue to learn from them and bounce ideas around with them! It’s been fun, very rewarding and educational.

I want to gain the knowledge, experience and confidence to get back into the industry and make a career from coaching/personal training. If I can gain a fraction of Al and Adem's knowledge, I'll be happy!

What’s your history with sports and training?

I tried loads of different sports as a kid including: all disciplines in athletics, karate, ballet, swimming, diving, netball, all school sports... and I’m sure there are a few more. My parents gave my brothers and I plenty of opportunity to try whatever we wanted and I just did what I enjoyed.

Then I started cycling, loved it and was better at it than any sport I’d done. The road cycling season was during winter, so trained more for endurance and did road races for 6 months of the year. Track cycling season was in summer, so focused on track, shorter races and sprinting the other half of the year. I was awesome at both disciplines until my early teenage years when the road cycling races became longer and my pure strength and sprinting abilities couldn't keep up with the kids that were of slighter build and more suited to the endurance events and hill climbing. So I was very happy to specialise in track cycling and decided I wanted to make the Australian team. I gained a scholarship at the ACT Academy of Sport and also started training at the ACTAS Strength and Conditioning gym.

For years, my life was school and training and I represented Australia in 2002. The following year I didn't make the Australian team and commenced my Coaching Science degree. I wanted more out of life, which unfortunately meant not as much time for training, and at the time I couldn't go from being one of the best in Australia to an average competitor. So I retired from cycling and focused on other aspects of my life - mainly study, strength training, personal training and a bit of socialising I had missed out on for years. Sorry for the novel, but a lot of people ask why I retired, especially because I'm not one to give up at all.

It wasn't long before I needed another physical challenge and good ole Bilza suggested a body building competition. So I dabbled in body building and did 2 competitions. I learnt so much about training, nutrition, the human body and myself too. This was a great short term goal and learning curve, but definitely not for me long term.

Right now I love strength training a few times a week, with some dynamic movements/power and gymnastics thrown in the mix, strongman training and getting out on the mountain bike. I'm itching to compete in something, but need to be patient as I focus on other things right now. Consistent improvements in performance are definitely satisfying me right now.

What about your training now – what are your favourite exercises?

I love being in the zone and any challenging, technical training that takes me there. Under the guidance of Al and Adem, my lifting has been completely refined to the safe and very effective techniques used at Romero Athletics, so I'm enjoying mastering the Romero squat and other compound movements, and the strongman training. I'm also loving playing around like a kid again practising gymnastic movements. I enjoy getting out on the mountain bike once or twice a week and jumping on a motorbike whenever the opportunity arises!

Favourite athlete?

To tell you the truth, I don't have one at the moment. It used to be Anna Meares while she was competing - she's a weapon on the bike, a beast in the gym and in person - an incredibly grounded and lovely person. I'm not following a sport closely enough right now to have a favourite athlete. But that's cool, I don't need anyone to inspire me in that way at the moment. I'm sure I'll find one soon enough though. I also draw inspiration from everyday people who have risen to whatever challenge life has thrown at them, not just in the sporting world. And people I look up to are usually close to home for some reason...

Hit us with your goals – in training and in life.

  • To be a healthy, athletic, strong and stable role model for my kids (and other kids too!). To continue to be there for them and raise happy, well-rounded kids.

  • Make a career out of doing something I love and enjoy.

  • Do a season of track cycling racing again and some mountain bike races.

  • Be able to train in the gym with the volume and frequency like I used to. When my body can handle it - compete in Strongman!

What have you learned so far from interning at Romero Athletics?

  • Every time I set foot in Romero Athletics, I learn at least 10 new things. I learn from Al, Adem, the athletes and from training there. I continue to pick up these bits of information that add to and back up the Romero Athletics philosophy.

  • Nail the basics and how to set the foundations before pushing yourself with weights: diaphragmatic breathing, core strength and optimal and safe bracing for lifting. Also address any stability, mobility issues or imbalances first.

  • I have much to learn (just like everyone else), but I have all the qualities needed to be a great coach.

  • I already have a lot to contribute and can add value in my own way.

  • I've learnt my limits again. I can do a lot, but not everything all at once. I need to listen even more carefully to my body.

  • You have so many cool ideas Al and I want to help you plan and implement them!

  • The coaches at Romero Athletics are years ahead of the industry and the knowledge and experience of Al and Adem is insane! Thank you for imparting some of your wisdom through the internship program.

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