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Meet the interns: Adem Kocak

Tell us about your interests, Adem.

Other than training, my interest include cooking, reading, enjoying some down time playing consoles and the occasional walk.

Why did you apply to intern at Romero Athletics?

Word travels fast around the community. I had heard good things about Romero Athletics from

various people. At the time, I was looking for somewhere to learn so I had to see what the fuss

was all about.

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

Romero athletics offers unique and different training methods. Throughout most of my training experience I have been using more traditional methods. In saying that, I hope to develop more theoretical and practical knowledge in regards to Romero athletics exclusive style of training

providing me with new perspective, methodology and understanding of how to effectively train

for myself and teach others.

What’s your history with sports and training?

All throughout my childhood and late teens I played football (soccer). I began resistance training

for football when I was in my early teens. However, once I stopped playing my approach to

training became orientated towards muscle and strength development rather than sports


What about your training now – what are your favourite exercises?

Up until recently my training style has been solely aimed at increasing muscular size and

strength. However, prior to and upon undertaking this intern my training approach has become

more performance, sustainable and longevity based.

Typical compound lifts such as deadlifting squatting, bench press and overhead pressing have

always been a staple and more favourible exercises of mine. I have also began to see enjoyment and challenge in learning to new movements such as handstands, muscle ups and

other gymansitc movements.

Favourite athlete?

Russell Westbrook.

Hit us with your goals – in training and in life.

Training: L-sit to hand stand.

Training: OHP bodyweight

Deadlift 200

Row 500m under 1:33

Life: My aims are to become a credible strength and conditioning coach and ultimately orientate

my profession towards teaching/educating in the field of sports science.

What have you learned so far from interning at Romero Athletics?

That training should be aimed at improving particular movement patterns not solely on the muscle. By contrast, upon completing compound exercises they should try to facilitate the use of correct muscles, consequently highlighting the importance of learning how to lift/move properly.

The importance of breathing not only for training but everyday life.

Be patient, results will follow.

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