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Meet the Interns: Dane Myers

Why did you apply to intern at Romero Athletics?

After being at uni for 2 years studying Exercise Physiology, I have learnt a lot of theory but not much practical application. I saw Al's internship on the Romero Athletic website and jumped at the chance to work with someone with so much experience and knowledge in a hands on environment .

What do you hope to gain from your internship?

As much as I can! Having been through lots of injuries myself, I'd like to be able to confidently apply what Al has been teaching me to fix the underlying issues people have so they can reach

their athletic potential without going through injury setbacks from poor training and lifestyle.

What’s your history with sports and training?

Growing up on the Central Coast and only walking distance to the beach, I have surfed all my life (not so much now that I live in Canberra). I played rugby league from the age of 7 and

stopped playing at 27. For the last 10 years I have played Oztag and played in the Men’s Australian team for the last 8 years. In addition to rugby league and Oztag, training has always included a fair bit of running and sprint work too.

What about your training now – what are your favourite exercises?

I love doing shorter more explosive running training and gymnastics training. After listening to Al over the first couple of weeks of the internship, my training has developed toward including more rehab and prehab exercises to fix muscle imbalances as well.

Favourite athlete?

Usain Bolt!

Hit us with your goals – in training and in life.

Training goals - Backflip, Bar muscle up, Hold a front lever for 10 seconds, 150kg deadlift and to be injury free. Life goals – I believe there is a big gap between rehab and performance training, so my goal is to work as a Physio in a practice that has more of a training approach so clients can go

from an injury rehab program through to performance program in the same place.

What have you learned so far from interning at Romero Athletics?

Everything is based on form. While I knew before the importance of technique, I now realise that there is so much more to it than I thought! Having regressive exercises is crucial to help people build a base to avoid injury and also to understand the foundation of the more complex exercises that they are doing and why they are doing them.

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